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A Nantucket Love Story

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Samantha Owens' childhood is lacking in love and security except for her best friend, Landon Reed. Living in the cottage two doors down, he's her constant, her safe place, where she can forget her troubles if only for the day. That is, until he leaves for college. Haunted by past disappointments, Sam resorts to destructive tactics in a misguided effort to protect her heart. Her actions leave her with no choice but to leave Nantucket and her past behind her.

Ten years later, she receives a letter informing her that her estranged stepfather has died and his cottage now belongs to her. As a struggling, single mother she's ready to confront the demons from her past if it means securing a future for her daughter. She travels back to Nantucket to fix up the cottage and sell it. But she's about to face more than her haunting memories. Landon Reed is now living in the house that once belonged to his parents.


This is the first book I've read by Denise Hunter although I've had this one and another one on my bookshelf for a few years. I picked them up when my favorite local bookstore went out of business. After I read it and went to leave a review, I was really surprised by some of the negative reviews on Amazon. Yes, Sam has lots of issues but I found her inner-struggles believable. My own childhood was the complete opposite of hers and it's heart-wrenching to know there will be people out there who might have a childhood in many ways similar to Sam's.

I really enjoyed this book. I was drawn in at the prologue and kept guessing until the very end. Don't miss this trip to Nantucket to hang out with Sam and Landon!

P.S. I've seen three covers of this book and this one is my favorite!

Have you read Surrender Bay? If so, did you like it? Have you ever been to Nantucket?

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