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Season of Hope

Memories of his abusive father fuel Tyler Armstrong's desire to make the world a safer place, so Tyler will do whatever it takes to become a Navy SEAL. Falling in love with his best friend, Amanda Jarvis, though, wasn't part of his plans. Maybe his failed attempts to confess his love turned out for the best. Even if their shared faith helps them navigate the demands of SEAL life, he fears asking her to live with the uncertainties of his career. Amanda deserves better.


When Amanda's plans for college fall through and her summer job in New York catapults her into a modeling career, she welcomes the distraction. Not only is she falling for her best friend, Tyler, but his impending deployment is also turning her world upside down. The more she learns of Navy SEALs, the more her dreams of finding out Tyler's in love with her fade behind the fear that she's not strong enough to spend her life with him.

Will Tyler and Amanda let go of their fears and give love a chance before it's too late?


Readers' Favorite Review

An absorbing tale of star-crossed lovers, Season of Hope is set to entertain readers who enjoy stories about everlasting love. Author Sara Jane Jacobs puts forward a stellar start to The Seasons Series, telling a captivating story about two best friends who discover soulmates in each other. The narrative is well-paced and follows Tyler and Amanda as kids to the cusp of adulthood, where their lives start to take them toward two very different worlds. You can't help but root for Tyler and Amanda to end up together. Their likable personalities and intoxicating dynamic make each scene featuring the two together a joy to read. If you love romance and coming-of-age stories, Season of Hope is the book for you.

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