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Season of Hope Soundtrack

The first story I ever wrote was a script for a TV series back in the late 1980s. (I have plans to turn that into a book series soon ;) I imagined lots of music to be included in that show. Music can add so much emotion! Back in the day when CDs were really popular, I thought it would be cool to attach a soundtrack inside the back cover of my books. Sometimes I search for songs that I can use as part of the soundtrack for my stories but most of the time a song works its way into the story on its own. *Spoiler Alert* The descriptions below might contain spoilers!

Hope in Front of Me - Danny Gokey - Jessica Armstrong finds hope for a new beginning at the end of chapter three. This song is for her.

I'll Love You So - by Above the Golden State - I love a great montage sequence and this song is perfect for one at the beginning of chapter six.  It would show Tyler and Amanda sharing the summer, settling into the new school year, and spending their afternoons playing baseball in the pasture. 

Count on Me - Bruno Mars - Another song for chapter six, this one would be just right for a pivotal moment in Tyler and Amanda's friendship that takes place on the playground. It's a day Amanda will never forget.

Life is a Highway - Rascal Flatts - In chapter sixteen you would hear this song. It's a great tune for this special memory that Amanda and Tyler will look back on later in the story. While it may be a fun melody for their afternoon, the bridge holds a prophecy that will pull at your heartstrings in book two! 

So Small - Carrie Underwood - Amanda isn't having the best weekend when she hears this song in chapter eighteen. She has received some bad news that will change the course she had planned for her future. This song's positive message might not be enough to distract her from her self-pity, but something is about to happen that will.   

Crush - David Archuleta - Well, if you've read the synopsis then you know what this song is all about in chapter twenty-one ;) But will the truth come out? No spoilers here!

Alchemy - Kyler England - I love these opening lyrics, "October turned the leaves to copper and gold set my world on fire, left me in the cold." This song is perfect for when the curtain falls. (And it's not just perfect for Season of Hope. It's the perfect theme song for every book in The Seasons Series!) Still no spoilers here. Only a tiny piece of the puzzle ;) The song does say, "There's a time for one last hope . . ."

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