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Seven Sevens in the Gospel of John by Sinikka Smothers

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

About the Book

Book: Seven Sevens in the Gospel of John

Author: Sinikka Smothers

Genre: Nonfiction

Release Date: January 22, 2020

The number seven is significant in science and history as well as in the Bible. When a science educator applies the lens of seven onto the gospel of John, intriguing patterns emerge. Author Sinikka Smothers says, “God has a purposeful design for every area of His creation—including the use of numbers. God loves numbers, especially the number seven. He used mathematical algorithms to construct the matrix we call our universe. Mathematics is God’s language of creation.”

Discover refreshing insights into the life of Christ through this study of seven themes embedded in John’s gospel narrative. The author presents John’s message in seven parts, each one divided into seven sections. Revisit the familiar seven “I AM” statements of Jesus and other sevens that are not widely written about:

  • Seven signs and miracles Jesus performed

  • Seven witnesses that testify of Jesus

  • Seven ministries of the Holy Spirit

  • Seven life-changing conversations of Jesus

  • Seven women

  • Seven questions Pilate asked Jesus

This unique commentary includes rich historical details and paints a vivid portrait of Jesus the Son of God as Master, Savior, and Friend. Relevant stories and personal applications bring the familiar accounts of the book of John to contemporary contexts.

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My Thoughts . . .

This book brings awareness to seven different themes in the Gospel of John starting with "Seven Names of Jesus imprinted on Seven Miracles". The author weaves her imagination through these events, thrusting the reader into the middle of the action. One of my favorite themes was Seven Women Who Met Jesus. The author's insights help us pause and think about the lives of these women and the impact that meeting Jesus had on them. I also enjoyed how the author shared some modern-day stories to emphasize biblical truths. This would make a great study companion to the Gospel of John for an individual or group.

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