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Season of Faith

They say your life can change in an instant . . .

After a training accident, Tyler Armstrong is so certain he’ll recover that he requests his emergency contacts not be notified. His SEAL team deploys in a few days anyway, and while his family thinks he’s out of the country, his broken body will have time to mend. After his injuries force him to retire, Tyler must face the truth—his Navy career is over. When Amanda discovers he suffers from PTSD as well as physical limitations from his accident, will she even want him? If she does, how can he ask her to marry a man with such an uncertain future?

Amanda Jarvis wishes she could figure out what’s going on with Tyler. He seems so distant, and he no longer talks about marriage. How does he expect her to be honest about her fears when he won’t trust her with his? Returning to Nathan’s Mountain to begin a new life with him isn’t happening, and her former agency in New York wants her to come back to her lucrative modeling career. Since Tyler appears to be having second thoughts, she’s going.

Will one stormy night and a runaway truck bring what really matters into focus and birth a new dream for their life together?

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