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Summer Reading Giveaway

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Today is the last day to enter the summer reading giveaway! Remember there are two additional e-books that will be added to this TBR pile! An Inconvenient Christmas by Sara R. Turnquist and Surrender Bay by Denise Hunter. Also, the winner gets to tag a friend who will also win copies of all the books!

It has been a fun two weeks having all the authors that are participating in the giveaway to come on the blog and be in the Author Spotlight. I want to thank each of them for joining me to help two readers stock up on some summer reads. I also wanted to share this final post so that everyone would have another opportunity to enter!

Commenting is worth five entries so leave a comment and tell us if you've read any of these books or any other books by any of the authors. Or, just share something totally random about yourself. We will announce the winner tomorrow!

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