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Author Spotlight: William Michael Davidson

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Meet fellow Clean Reads author, William Michael Davidson

and check out his new novel, Storm Taken.

Trapped on Naples Island, Eddie Dees does everything he can to hold his family together. A supernatural storm is feeding on people’s fear and paranoia. The more people turn on each other, the stronger it becomes.

Believing there are small, systematic breaks in the storm, he plans to make his way off the island with as many residents as possible. But he must first deal with the crazed gunman roaming the streets as well as another growing threat: Klutch, a violent army vet suffering PTSD, has recruited a band of followers who believe the storm is a weaponized weather experiment gone awry. Klutch plans on stopping anyone from leaving the island, and one of his followers is Eddie’s own teenage son.

Readers of Stephen King, Michael Crichton and Joe Hill will enjoy this supernatural thriller.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

William Michael Davidson lives in Long Beach, California. A believer that "good living produces good writing," Davidson writes early in the morning so he can get outside, exercise, spend time with people, and experience as much as possible. He is a writer of suspense and speculative fiction. If he's not writing, he's probably at the beach.

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