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Author Wendy May Andrews

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Wendy May Andrews learned to read when she was four or five and has been in love with words ever since. The first book she ever wrote, Tempting the Earl, (published by Avalon books in 2010) was prompted by a dare from her husband.

She believes firmly that everyone deserves a happily ever after and she wants her readers to be able to escape from the everyday for a little while and feel upbeat and refreshed when they get to the end of her books.


Wendy May Andrews shares the inspiration behind the Orphan Train Series


I’m Wendy May Andrews and I wrote an Orphan Train series. I was inspired to write this series when friends of mine were adopting a beautiful little boy from another country. I decided to research the history of adoption. I found out some dreadful things, sadly, but I also found out about Mr. Charles Brace (a founder of the Children’s Aid Society) and the Orphan Trains from New York. I’m sure there were some terrible experiences through the many years that the orphan trains were traveling, but there were far more success stories. At least one of the orphans went on to become President of the United States. While reading up on it, I began to imagine the lives impacted, not only of the children, but also of the adults involved. Thus was born the idea for three young women who accompanied a trainload of orphans on their journey out West. The prequel sets up the story. The heroine of Book 2 wasn’t supposed to be on the train. She is taking the place of the heroine of Book 1. The heroines of Books 3 & 4 fully intended to leave their New York lives behind and set up a shop in their new town. Follow along on their journeys in the Orphan Train series.


His pursuit of her threatens everything – except her heart:

Sophie Brooks has lived at the orphanage since she was ten years old. Now nineteen, she’s not only a resident, she works there as well. It’s the only true home she can remember and she’ll do whatever it takes to keep it safe.

When her budding relationship with the son of one of the orphanage’s benefactors threatens the charity’s funding, Sophie must choose between her loyalties and her heart.



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Sara Jane Jacobs
Sara Jane Jacobs
May 22, 2019

Thanks so much for stopping by Sandy and sharing a comment about the series! ❤


Sandy Thibeault
Sandy Thibeault
May 22, 2019

It's a fantastic series, it's definitely a most read . I love books about orphans

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